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*Proof of status requested.  Email  Artist's website link or Student I.D. to info@sscartcenter.org 

E Tapestry
E Tapestry


SSCAC Memberships are perfect for children, tweens, teens, adults and grandparents.  Give the gift of inclusive and interactive learning.  Click your desired level of membership to gift today.   Expanded benefits are being added so check regularly for updates.  You will

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"I became a member of SSCAC because it helps show my support, keeps me informed and gives me useful perks.  By being part of the SSCAC family I am also empowered to contribute by offering learning  opportunities to up and coming  student authors." 

- L. Mabery, YAP (Young & Published) Founder

E Tapestry

Family-2 Adults & 3 Minors* ($95)

∙ Sales Gallery Discount-10% 
∙ SSCAC Program Discounts
∙ One (1) Membership Card 
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E Tapestry

∙ Sales Gallery Discount-10%   ∙ Elder's Day Discount-15% 
∙ One (1) Membership Card   
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Students & Artists ($25)


∙ Sales Gallery Discount-10% 
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∙ Complimentary Family Events  

          *Ages 17 and under

Individuals ($40)

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"2 Ladies" by Dr. Margaret Burroughs

 From the SSCAC Permanent Art Collection

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